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Gevallen van óf manipulatie door media van nieuws, óf van media (-bewindsvoerders) die uitlatingen doen die bevestigen / aangeven dat media nieuws manipuleert, framed of de politiek / maatschappelijke agenda probeert te beïnvloeden. En wat aanverwante artikelen.

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“The more equal we make society, the more genes will matter.”

Three interesting paragraphs from Matt Ridley’s Nature via nurture: Genes, experience, and what makes us human (Harper Collins: 2003).

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A philosophical Jurassic Park-quote: ‘scientific power is like inherited wealth’

Interesting piece of text from Michael Crichton’s 1990 science fiction novel Jurassic Park. As happens more often with scifi, it doesn’t only tell a story, but also raises technological, ethical and / or philosophical questions. In this case about the accumulation of scientific knowledge.

Wikipedia: “Jurassic Park critiques the dystopian potentialities of science. Malcolm is the conscience that reminds John Hammond of the immoral and unnatural path that has been taken. The final condition of the park is epitomized by the word “hell”, which highlights the nature of Hammond’s sacrilegious attempt.

Michael Crichton’s novel is another version of Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus tale where humanity creates without knowing. Henry Wu is unable to name the things that he creates, which alludes to Victor Frankenstein not knowing what to call his flawed imitation of God’s creative powers. The immorality of these actions lead to human destruction, echoing Frankenstein.”

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Chamber films: a list of movies that take place in one (extremely limited) space


Movies that take place in a (very) limited space are fascinating for multiple reasons. For starters, because viewers constantly see the same space and the same things inside that space, cinematography can’t conveniently rely on constantly showing interesting new views. It also pushes the script-writers: how to keep things happening in the same space constantly interesting enough. It is reminiscent of Oulipo’s use of constrained writing techniques. Oulipo used constraints as “a means of triggering ideas and inspiration.”

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Three intellectual discussion basics

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Interessante artikelen over COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 en aanverwante onderwerpen

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Martin Scorsese’s mothers’ recipe for sauce with meatballs & meat

In 1974, Scorsese published a very interesting talk he had with his parents, Americans from Italian descent. They tell hem about the old days, having 13 people living in three-room apartments, no electricity, washing by hand, lavatories in the garden, moving over from another continent, ethnic struggles.

A very, very different time, and even world.

Last but not least, we get Scorsese’s mothers’ recipe for sauce with meatballs and meat. Watch the documentary and try out Kathy’s recipe!

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James Bond’s personal tastes and preferences in Goldfinger (the novel)

What follows is a list of excerpts featuring James Bond’s personal tastes and preferences as written down in Goldfinger (1959), Ian Fleming’s sixth James Bond-novel.

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Drogreden: Het dus-jij’tje | Konsequenzmacherei

Een veelvoorkomende maar niet vaak gecategoriseerde drogreden, is de volgende variant van iemand woorden in de mond leggen, een variant van de stropop. Technische naam: fallacia non causea ut causea, oftewel het dus-jij’tje, oftewel Konsequenzmacherei. Arthur Schopenhauer legt uit…

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