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Can you prove a negative? or How to prove a negative

It’s often said one cannot prove a negative. Most often, this wisdom is applied to the (non-)existence of god. You very frequently hear someone state that you can’t prove the non-existence of God. Even atheists will tell you this. Luckily, they are not entirely right.

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Synopsis | Bertrand Russell: Why I am not a Christian

Bertrand Russell – Why I am not a Christian: And other essays on religion and related subjects. London: Routledge (1957, 2009)

Why I am not a Christian the essay

Why I am not a Christian, is an essay written by Bertrand Russell, based on a talk given in 1927. As the subtitle of this publication states, it’s a collection of essays. Only this first essay really analyzes the philosophical points of discussion, and dispels them all.

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