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Sopranos & philosophy: How Tony Sopranos’ boss-mind works (and what Jordan Peterson says about it)

An analysis combining Joran Peterson’s examination of workaholics with an analysis of Tony Soprano’s lifestyle and style of management. There are quite some similarities.

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Derek Parfit on “Empty Questions.” From: Reasons and Persons (1984)

Two quotes from Derek Parfit on what he calls empty questions.

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Interesting psychological phenomena

A list of interesting psychological phenomena.

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Synopsis | Bertrand Russell: Why I am not a Christian

Bertrand Russell – Why I am not a Christian: And other essays on religion and related subjects. London: Routledge (1957, 2009)

Why I am not a Christian the essay

Why I am not a Christian, is an essay written by Bertrand Russell, based on a talk given in 1927. As the subtitle of this publication states, it’s a collection of essays. Only this first essay really analyzes the philosophical points of discussion, and dispels them all.

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