How rich is Tony Soprano? How much does he earn? What are his assets worth? How much money does he spent? To make an estimate, here’s a list of the spendings, earnings and possessions of Tony Soprano, his crew and his peers.

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Tony Soprano and the Soprano-crew, and of course his allies and enemies, drive fancy cars, own big houses and spent loads of money on jewels, gumars and prostitutes.

The basic assumption of this table is that a closer look at their income and spendings gives us an insight into their worth. Therefore, it provides a factual overview of the money Tony Soprano and his crew say they make and the money they say they spent. Also mentioned are products they own and their estimated worth.

However, we have to take at least two things into account.

First off, we have to remind ourselves that they are hardened criminals, so lots of goods they own are bound to be stolen or extorted or gotten at a ‘discount.’

Secondly, we have to factor in a phenomenon called conspicuous consumption, which means (some) people buy things or spend money basically just to let other people know they can afford buying it. This means that there can be a big disproportionality between income and the possession of luxurious goods.

For example, while a large group X may spend 10% of their money on clothes, some smaller group Y may spend 30% of their money on clothes. People of group X will, from their own perspective, assume that people make about 10 times the amount of money their clothes are worth. Therefore, they’ll overestimate the income of group Y by approximately 200%. People in group Y will thus look richer than they actually are.

Taking these two factors into account, Tony Soprano and his peers may very well be not as rich as we would assume them to be according to their possessions.

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EpisodeProduct(Estimated) WorthDescription______________Character
S01E01Rolex Day-Date President 36mm 18 yellow gold30.000Tony's Rolex.Soprano, Tony
S01E01Car: Chevrolet Suburban [1999]50.000Tony's car.Soprano, Tony
S01E01Car: Lexus LS40060.000Christopher Moltisanti drives this car.Moltisanti, Christopher
S01E06Back tax250.000The amount of back tax Hesh Rabkin has to pay Junior after he became the boss of the family (Junior originally asked for € 500.000).Soprano, Corrado John 'Junior'
S03E13Green grove Retirement Community's monthly fee8.000At a sitdown, Paulie tells Tony and Silvio his mother is gonna live in Green Grove (where Tony's mother also stayed).Gualtieri, Paulie
S04E01Trial1000.000Junior says that this is what his trial costs him. He mentions this to Tony to convince him to give him a bigger cut.Soprano, Corrado John 'Junior'
S04E06Armagnac-project3.000Tony is carrying this in cash and gives it to Artie Bucco, promising someone will come by to give him the rest (i.e. $47,000).Soprano, Tony
S04E06Lladró figurine3.000Carmela tells A.J. and his girlfriend it is worth that amount of money.Soprano, Tony
S04E06Armagnac-project50.000Total amount of money Artie Bucco lends.Soprano, Tony
S04E07Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5037/1G-00130.000Tony gives this to Brian Cammarata as 'a little thank you' for giving him a tip he (apparently) made quite some money on.Soprano, Tony
S04E08Private information3.000Janice Sopranos, Tony's sister, asks this amount of money from Tony, in return she will tell him about her sex-life with Tony's business partner, underling and fellow-gangster Ralph Cifaretto.Soprano, Tony
S04E08Painting of Pie-O-My6.500Tony buys a painting and pays cash.Sopranos, Tony
S04E08Theft money9.900Carmela steals this money out of Tony's bird-feeder. It's only a small cut of the money there.Soprano, Tony
S04E09Insurance money for Pie-O-My200.000The total insurance money Tony and Ralph will collect after Pie-O-My died in an 'accident' (i.e. $ 100 k per person).Soprano, Tony
S04E13Whitecaps A luxurious house on the Jersey shore that Tony buys to spend some family time at.Soprano, Tony
S04E13Bird-feeder money40.000The amount of money Carmela stole from Tony's bird-feeder stash.Soprano, Tony
S05E01Dinner cost0.860Tony, Silvio, Paulie, Christopher and their girlfriends go out for dinner. Chris is supposed to pick up the tab but refuses so Paulie pays it. Afterwards, Paulie demands Chris pays him back.Moltisanti, Christopher
S05E01Dinner cost 21.184Tony, Silvio, Paulie, Christopher and a bunch of friends go out for dinner. Paulie lets Christopher pick up the tab. They end up stealing the money back.Moltisanti, Christopher
S05E01Hotel money1.200Tony offers this cash to Carmela for her and AJ to check into ahotel after they sighted a bear in the garden.Sopranos, Tony
S05E01Drumset5.000Tony gave A.J. a drumset.Soprano, Tony
S05E04Car: Mercedes S210 E320 Estate50.000Carmela drives this car.Soprano, Tony
S05E07Gambling debt57.000Chris' friend J.T. Dolan can't pay his gambling debt, and asks Chris to spot him for a while.Moltisanti, Christopher
S05E07Car: Cadillac Escalade ESV74.000Tony's car.Soprano, Tony
S05E08Car: Maserati Coupe100.000Johnny recently bought this car and shows it to Tony.Sacramoni, Johnny "Sacks"
s05E10Illegal casino200.000Tony Blundetto gets to manage this casino.Blundetto, Tony
S06E01Repairs50.000When the son-in-law of Hesh get beaten up Tony negotioates this as a repair payment.Soprano, Tony
S06E01Car: Porsche Cayenne Turbo85.000Tony buys Carmela this car.Soprano, Tony
S06E04Extortion money4.000Paulie demands 4k a month from Jason Barone.Gualtieri, Paulie
S06E05Wedding and honeymoon of Allegra Sacrimoni425.000John pays his daughters wedding & honeymoonSacramoni, Johnny "Sacks"
S06E08217 Franklin Building494.000Tony sells this building.Soprano, Tony
S06E09Feast of Elzéar of Sabran-fee50.000Paulie pays this to the parish for their cooperation and for lending a statue and hat from them.Gualtieri, Paulie
S06E10Protection money3.000A week's worth of protection money. Bobby gets this from a 'client' of his.Baccalieri, Bobby
S06E10Finders fee300.000Tony gets 'ten cups' as a finders fee for managing the sale of Johnny Sacks' half of the heavy equipment leasing company. In S06E11 Tony renegotiates: he gets 2% less in return for which Johnny has to sell his house to Janice for 50% of its worth.Sopranos, Tony
S06E10Selling of the heavy equipment leasing company.3000.000Retail value of the heavy equipment leasing company = 6 mil. Johnny Sack owns half.Sacramoni, Johnny "Sacks"
S6E10Government deal 4100.000Johnny gets 15 years in jail and the government confiscates 4,1 million of his assets. He can keep his house, 45k life insurance money, and Ginny's individual retirement account, which is worth 110k.Sacramoni, Johnny "Sacks"
S06E10Net worth of Johnny Sacks (estimated)5000.000This is what the government estimates Johnny's net worth to be.Sacramoni, Johnny "Sacks"
S06E11Car: Maserati Coupe25.000Chris bought this car from Johnny's wife, Ginny, paying cash. Government confiscates it though, 'cause she wasn't allowed to sell it because of the asset freeze.Moltisanti, Christopher
S06E16Boot camp money18.000Tony promises to pay this amount of money to let Vito Spatafore Sr.' kid (Vito Jr.) go to a boot camp program in Idaho instead to get him back in line.Soprano, Tony
S06E16Starting-over money.100.000Vito Spatafore Sr.'s widow, Marie, asks this amount of money from Tony to help her move and set up a new life in Maine. She never gets it, tho'.Soprano, Tony
S06E16Starting-over money reservation.100.000Tony gambles this away.Soprano, Tony
S06E16Bridge loan200.000Hesh Rabkin lends Tony this money. Tony pays it back in cash.Soprano, Tony
S06E16Spec house cost600.000The amount of money Carmela and her father Hugh get for the spec house. They sell it to Carmela's cousin Brian Cammarata.Soprano, Tony
S06E16Stugots II3500.000Hesh Rabkin says this is how much Tony's boat cost him and that it has 'no resale value whatsoever'.Soprano, Tony
S06E16Tony's worth (minus assets)5999.999Tony's maximum value according to Hesh Rabkin.Soprano, Tony
S06E17Car: Cadillac CTS45.000Paulie uses this car to ravage the garden / yard of Chris' new house.Gualtieri, Paulie
S06E21Car: AJ's Nissan SUV30.000Tony mentions this is what the car cost him.Soprano, Tony

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